Hyperthermia Hyperthermia is a rapid onset state that happens when the body cannot rid itself of heat speedily enough. It occurs when the atmosphere outside the body is not conducive to the body shedding heat rapidly enough. This is known as the thermal gradient. If the body gets hot enough, its internal apparatus to manage[…]

Hyperventilation A Cause Of Respiratory Alkalosis

Hyperventilation- A Cause Of Respiratory Alkalosis Respiratory alkalosis will be the mild temporary condition or even the chronic disorder because of illness. It will involve the excessive alkalinity in your body; it means that the blood pH of the person will be elevated above the regular levels as the carbon dioxide levels will be reduced.[…]

Hydroponic Techniques And Supplies Commonly Used By Cultivators

Hydroponic Techniques and Supplies Commonly Used by Cultivators The system of using water to cultivate plants is as old as the hanging gardens of Babylon or perhaps even older. However the technique wasn’t perfected until 1930, when scientists discovered that plants can grow without deriving nutrients from the soil. Today there are several gardens established[…]

I Have Septic Bursitis I Understand It Can Be Dangerous…what Is It

I Have Septic Bursitis?I Understand It Can Be Dangerous…what Is It? Before the days of antibiotics, septic bursitis was a potentially life-threatening problem. Nowadays, because of higher index of suspicion as well as the presence of antibiotics, it should be, in most case, readily treatable. This article discusses this problem. A bursa (plural=bursae) is a[…]

Hybrid Electric Vehicles Pros And Cons

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Pros And Cons In the past few years, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have been getting a lot of press, both good and bad. As with any new technology&26793;hat is, any technology newly offered to the public&26793;here are proponents and opponents to the wide use of HEVs. Pros and cons are bandied about[…]